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StageJanet Wells has been an avid Comedy Improv Player since her L.A. days when she  appeared in such shows as The Bob Newhart Show, the Dukes of Hazzard, and WKRP in Cincinnati.   She performed at the Comedy Store and The Improv with Robin Williams, Andy Kaufman, and John Ritter.   Returning to Atlanta, Janet has worked with Laughing Matters, and at Robert Lowe’s Next City Club doing theatre sports.  She began coaching Improv in 1986 at Doppler Studios, The Company, and The Basement theatres in Atlanta.  Her students have included players from Dad’s Garage, professional actors, writers, and business people, as well as college, high school, and middle school children.

She performs Comedy Improv for private parties, where the party guests are the stars, along with Janet and her hilarious partner, Tom Wells.  Janet often hires additional professional players for larger entertainment events and shows.  

In 1997, she began leading Comedy Improv Workshops for major companies and organizations as a team building tool.  Among them, Benefit Communications, Nashville, Tn.,  BlueCross/BlueShield, NOVA Information Systems, HomeBanc,  Life Coaches of Georgia, and the Cancer Society.  Companies have also invited Janet to perform Improv Shows for their Seminars and Trade Shows.



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