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All About WunderWells

wun.der.wells n. 1. creative combine of Tom and Janet Wells. 2. home to WorkPlace WorkShops and ComedyImprov Workshops. 3. Tom Wells Custom Music (jingles, tv/movie themes, scoring, and custom commissioned songs). 4. Janet Wells Theatrical Productions (stage & screen) and Commercials & VoiceOvers writer (screen, stage, journals and short stories.) 5. The Fabulous 50's Band 6. ComedyImprov Parties and classes 7. all manner of copywriting and/or creative presentations. 8. Drum Circles, lead by Janet Wells, 6 year member of the T.H.E. Percussion Choir.  9. Special Events writers, producers, and performers.  10. Creators of “LAUGHING MOON” the Musical, written by Tom Wells, Janet Wells, and Deborah Clowers.


Contact WunderWells

WunderWells, Inc.
302 Beachland Drive
Atlanta, GA 30342

Phone: 404-303-8050
Fax: 404-303-9699
Janet Wells - Email: janet@WunderWells.com
Tom Wells   - Email: tom@WunderWells.com or jtwells@bellsouth.net


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