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ComedyImprov GroupWunderWells ComedyImprov WorkShops What is Comedy Improv? How does it work? It actually began on the stage. Theatrical companies needed a way for actors who had never worked together before to come together, communicate among themselves, and develop into a functioning, cohesive acting team. They all knew their individual parts, but they didn't know each other. So Improv Comedy was born. Using various "games" or exercises, the actors, the extras and the entire crew bonded together with shared goals and a common purpose. It was an exciting way for each member to discover new talents within themselves as well as the team.

Today, Comedy Improv has become an exciting art form in itself. And Janet Wells has been called the “Diva of Comedy Improv”. She has been performing professionally since 1974 with War Babies, The Comedy Store and the Improv in LA. She has been teaching one of the best Comedy Improv WorkShops in Atlanta and the US since 1986.

You can learn the basics of hilarious improv-ing. Improve your skills as an actor, comedian, writer, student, or any creative endeavor including business or public speaking. This craft helps you think on your feet. Helps you get that audition or develop that character. It teaches you how to listen and explore your highest potential, and, it is great fun! Janet knows how to bring out the best in you.

The players are coached in listening skills, focus, mutual support, creativity, and going to the highest and best understanding of any topic or game. The humor just happens, so there is no need to “be funny”. The skills learned from WunderWells ComedyImprov WorkShops are so simple and straight-forward, you can be successful right away. You just have to trust…Janet. For more pictures see Janet's Gallery.


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